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for a few weeks now (have this off and on a year) I have a pain deep in my left armpit that is also felt near the left boob, on the bra fat and around to my spine and as far down as my waistline...feels like a rib...xrays say no..chest xray ok...when I use the arm it worsens(shoulder also) and I am 54 and diabetic...I am scared reading about cancer symptoms...all the mentioned areas also hurt to touch...taking Naprosyn...any ideas? Also tennis elbow in that same arm and bursitis...some times it feels like a rush of warmness quickly coming and going...cook to touch...shingles blood test negative for currently having shingles..the area sometimes burns...I have many neck and back issues requiring disability C 4,5,6,7, spurs, stenosis, spondylolistheses, DDD, etc...oh and I have thin ribs on the xray, and thatis the side I use to help pull up my 95 yr old mom in and out od car and carry her big oxygen tank and I streatch that arm a lot at bank drive thrus to reach into the drop box...scared of cancer thou mamo 11 months ago normal and worried heart issue...I have a heart click whatever that is

This still can be musculoskeletal, esp with some lifting and degenerative spinal disease.   No rash, no shingles.... No blood test needed.  If it doesn't get better in a week, possibly more imaging.... I am considering nuclear scan versus cat scan.........

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