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QUESTION: I am not sure who I should be asking this question. Would you be able to help..?

I get Parathesia, pins and needles in my leg most days when sitting for lunch at school, I have tried different sitting positions, etc. I still get it. Sometimes when we have assembly my leg is so numb I cannot move my freaks me out. I get the sensation when sitting on the couch with my legs the same height as my pelvis.

My question is: Would the repeated 'numb leg' cause any damage, permanent or not to the nerves in my leg? Anything?

ANSWER: it wouldn't cause long term damage, but the fact that it exists suggests there is a structural problem in the low back..... I would get it looked at by your doctor to make sure you don't have some impinging of your back nerves......   I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: What are the symptoms of a nerve impingement?
Wouldn't it just be pressure on my nerves causing pins & needles.
Thanks for the help!

well, impingement means pressure on the nerves...... causing the pins and needles......    Most people can cross their legs wrong and get that in their foot and it resolves in a minute or two when you reposition, but since you are getting it frequently, when sitting, it sounds like you are putting pressure on the nerves in a position that shouldn't normally do it, so I would look further.....

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