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I'm 67 and in excellent health. I'm a distance runner and work with weights 3 days a week. My annual cardio and annual physical is always good. I do take aciphex daily and have for many years. It seems to be the only med of its type that works for me. Last month I started taking the new aciphex generic and at first didn't notice any problems. After several days I found myself chewing a gaviscon or 2 each night.  A few days ago a few hours after a particular heavy weightlifting routine i suddenly felt the burning of what felt like acid reflux but only in my throat area. Gaviscon didn't help so I began back on my regular aciphex yesterday. I haven't felt the acid since but I am burping a lot and, if this makes sense, I feel like I'm going to have that burning feeling each time i swallow, but I don't! My neck muscles feel like they're swollen but they're not and I'm starting to wonder if this could all have been caused by my heavy weightlifting routine the other day which was all upper body. Wonder if stress on neck muscles (they sometime feel like they're going to spasm) can mimic or cause acid reflux.
Thanks so much. Appreciate your time.

Dear Don,

Generic medications, by law, can be up to 20% more or less efficacious when compared to the brand name. Once there are two generic drugs, the second one out can be 20% more or less effective than the first generic. The more generic manufacturers for any given product, decreases in efficacy the farther and farther from the original brand name product. This information is available at the library. It is called the "Orange Book". The generic is obviously not working well for you. I recommend you pay the extra cost for the brand name and be sure your physician contacts the manufacturer and reports the lack of efficacy of the product.  

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