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Hi Robert-

Had blood drawn at the doctor's office last week. Nurse had some trouble getting blood and while she was poking the needle in the inside of my elbow for a second time I felt a sharp pain/shock that ran from my elbow to my finger tips. I made a comment on how that hurt and she said she must have "touched a nerve". Now several days later I still have a very dull pain that runs from my forearm to my wrist. More pronounced when I stretch my arm out or twist my wrist like when drink a can of pop or glass of water. I called the doctors office the next day and they said to give it a day or two. I called 4 days later as it still hurt and left a message but they did not call back. It isn't getting any better but isn't getting worse. Is this something serious (damaged nerve?) that I need to worry about?


it sounds like the nerve was inadvertently poked or there was some bleeding from the vein in that area putting pressure on the nerve...... this happens more than you would think and typically it heals and there are no residual problems, but may take a couple of weeks.....   There is no special treatment to speed this up, just some time.......  

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