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I've always had issues with my right arm including severe pain in my shoulder since I was little everytime I run (I always ignored it since I played soccer for 13 years 2 times a year), carpal tunnel (I started having issues with it causing my hand to go numb and or hurt a few years ago, which I work around because I'm an artist and I taught myself to do most of the work with my left hand). Now for about 2 weeks I've had a bump just under the wrist joint ( if you are looking at my hand/ wrist palm up dead center of my wrist above the vain  the goes up into the palm of your hand easily visible. It doesn't hurt to touch and its not hard but its causing even more pain than normal and I'm having to avoid using my right hand even more so than normal. I don't think its something to worry about and with no insurance I try to avoided the Dr office or hospital. And my guess is its probably some kind of cyst or something that will go away with time. It doesn't seem to be irritated or have a color to it. But I thought id ask if I should worry or just wait and do like I'm doing and try not to use my right hand much?

for now, I would take it easy on the wrist and rest it until you can get it evaluated.

I would also apply thru your state exchange or for ACA insurance.... if you follow it thru, you will be surprised how affordable it is.    You need to follow thru it to the end of the application though.

It sounds like some carpal tunnel aggravated by a ganglion cyst and it may take the specialist to help resolve this.

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