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My husband, who was a light beer only drinker, began drinking rum  heavily last summer, after he lost his twin brother. By Xmas, he had developed a big hard belly. He had to get bigger pants.
He only gained five pounds, so is this belly mostly fluid or edema?
After Xmas he was back to normal and has a couple of beers only on  Saturdays, but the big belly remains. Will it go down eventually? Other than that, he has no health issues, and eats healthy and exercises.

I am not convinced that it was simply him drinking a lot of rum for months that has caused all this.... it could be if he developed some alcoholic hepatitis, but that typically heals itself when the heavy alcohol use stops.

I think he should get evaluated... is this simply weight gain or does he have a liver/kidney problem or low thyroid or some other issues.

So, since it hasn't gone away....get him to the doctor.

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