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Hi, from past one year, some people complained about strange bad smell coming around me and some reacting to it. I got checked with dentist who found no problem and doctor checked me for stomach problem and throat infection but found normal. I am very clean and hygienic and have no addiction.
Another thing is that i have to very frequently go for urine and sometimes there is very slight irritation also. there is bad smell in urine. Also there is some uneasiness and weakness like very mild fever most of the time without actual fever. Although it is tolerable, can the strange bad smell be related to some urinary tract problem? Or what else can be possible causes behind the strange odor? Thank you. (M,21)

I would definitely get the urine rechecked.    I would also wonder if you are eating something different..... some aromatic compounds in some foods are excreted in sweat and urine and can cause an odor..... for example asparagus.......    but you started well, looking for stomach issues, teeth issues, sinus issues that can cause bad breath..... if it isn't from the mouth..... it is probably from some crack or crevice in the body or urine/sweat.

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