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QUESTION: Hi, I had fallen a couple of months ago on my front concrete steps.
It had left a huge bruise across the left side above my buttocks and to the side after a couple of days.There was no fracture on the x-ray.Yet, there is still a noticeable lump. Looks like my fat with a line like dent under it.Thats the best way that I know  to describe it.
I have felt it and there is a lump there.Is this something to be concerned about? I'd think it should be gone by now and if I press on it it is only slightly tender..

ANSWER: Often there is a big bruise and damage to the soft tissue.... When the bruise resolves there is sometimes a dent... Nothing to worry about and nothing to do since it isn't painful

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding...
Really, after that amount of time, I thought it would go away...
When should I reasonably expect it to go away? I'm hoping that it won't
turn into a deformity? It's a decent size..
I am a 44 yr. old woman and care about my looks...:)

Sometimes a bruise is there and creates a new space... Then as the bruise resolves, the space remains and is filled with fluid... That is called a Seroma.  Sometime it can be drained (sucked out) with a big syringe the an ace wrap for a few days to compress that empty space will make it go away.  If that doesn't work, more in depth surgical drainage can do it....

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