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I am a 31 year old male.  For the past 10 days or so I have been having these on and off pains on both the right and left side of my lower rib cage (front of body but on left and right sides). It almost feels like it hurts just below the rib cage and extends up behind a few ribs. What makes it weird is that sometimes it hurts on the left then sometimes on the right, it rarely seems to be the same time.  I dont know what organs are there or if its muscular so I am a little cofused on what it could be.  It's not extrememly painful but more of a dull pain, it does not hurt to touch, it seems to just happen randomly.  One other thing thats happening that I am not sure is realted because its been going on for a few weeks longer is the feeling of a chill across my body.  These are not fever chills, more like when you step inside from being out in the extreme cold where you just need to shake that one chill out. I took my temp a few times while having this feeling and there is no fever, actually the body temp was a little lower then expected.  Do you think this is related?  Curious on possible causes for both issues before I run to a doc?


I am not sure I make much of the temperature change, but it sounds like it could be a viral illness with dull muscular aching..... if you are coughing, etc, worth getting it checked or if it doesn't resolve in another week, worth getting it checked..... I hope this helps.

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