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I saw my doctor recently  for pains in the left side of my  body centering around but not always in the area of my ribs. I told him I was taking amino acids for health because of something I saw on Dr. Oz which  respectively I'm sure most doctors cringe at. He poked around  and couldn't find a problem and decided I should start taking four weeks of Align daily probiotic, and even though he didn't think the amino acids caused the pains he said I  should take the  probiotics and stop taking the probiotic? What exactly do probiotics do to put the digestive system back into balance and what causes things to get out of balance and how often does that typically happen in life? Would amino acids throw anything out of balance?

We are not sure exactly what probiotics do, and in most people, I suspect they probably do nothing, but if the bacterial balance is off in some people, it may help things get back in balance..... I am having trouble relating the amino acids or the probiotics to this vague pain you are having on the left side.   If it keeps up, you may need an age appropriate further evaluation.....   Amino acids are base building blocks for proteins so won't throw anything off.  

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