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I tripped and skinned my chin on concrete. There was a lot of blood, but little pain in the actually avulsion (a ton of pain in my jaw though). It was a day before I got to go to the doctor, and they said it couldn't be stitched because there was a piece missing. I'm vacationing in Thailand, so I couldn't understand what they told me to do to treat it, and I don't think they understood my questions. They said no water, but then how should I clean it? Please help me!

basically, we have 8-12 hours to repair a laceration, otherwise, the risk of creating a sewn in infection goes way up, so if you miss the time period for the repair, you have to just let it heal in without stitches..... keeping it clean, some antibiotic ointment and time.    Then, when healed, if it is scarred, deformed, you can think about scar revision/repair.   

You can gently clean it with some soap and water after a few days with dressing changes daily.  

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