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I have been having upper abdominal pain for three weeks now. I notice the pain is worst when I wake up, and when I haven't had anything to eat for a while. I have also noticed that the pain can be eased when I put the pressure of my forearm on my upper abdomen. I also feel nauseous sometimes.

No diarrheal, vomiting, constipation, no medication. Negative test for h. pylori 1 month ago. 19 yo Female. Any ideas?

sometimes gallstones/gallbladder disease can cause this.   Reflux, etc can cause it.... you might try some ranitidine for a week to see if it helps 150 twice a day.   The H pylori testing, is kind of irrelevant at this point.    

Make sure you aren't pregnant or don't have a urinary tract infection.   

Hope this helps

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