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I have this problem where i cough up mucus and my problem is not coughing, it the mucus which is the problem. My doctor took a blood test and he found nothing. I have had this problem for over 6 months and it doesn't get away by itself. Are there any cures for this problem? Or do you know what the cause maybe? I also have an appointment with my doctor again this coming Friday, if there is anything or tests you think i should take, please let me know about it so i can talk to my doctor about it.

These can be tough..... causes include allergies, sometimes some stomach acid reflux coming up at night and causing some airway irritation.   Possibly one of the weird bronchitis problems (atypical bacteria)

I would be getting a chest xray then trying different things...

for allergies- a trial of loratidine or others for a few months.

for reflux.... a trial of the reflux meds like Prilosec for 3 months and not eating within 3 hours of bedtime.

for the atypical bugs, maybe a trial of azithromycin.

good luck with it

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