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Hello. I am a 26 year old female, and I was diagnosed with hashimoto's  4 years ago. I alternate between 75mcg and 50 mcg of synthroid. My tsh lingered around a 5 while I was strictly on 50mch and recently declined after adding 75mcg. The swelling in my neck seems to be going down.
TSH is a 1.98
Free T4 is 1.1
T3 is 2.9
Antibodies: 168 down from 342
but my lipid panel has also changed...
Total cholesterol: 172
HDL Cholesterol: 34
LDL: 100
Chol/Hdlc Ratio: 5.1
Non HDL: 138
I had a lipid panel done in August and all those results were in normal range. I live a very active lifestyle, I exercise almost everyday, I have a very healthy diet, I take an omega 3 fatty acid supplement 2 times a week, and a multi vitamin 1 time a week. I also have been eating brazil nuts. For the first time in years I feel good. This is the first time I have ever seen my thyroid labs in normal range.
My question is this, do the lipid panel results have anything to do with hashimoto's? And if so, why are some of them out of range despite my lifestyle?
I'd like to add that I smoke about 1-3 cigarettes a day. I realize that this may be contributing to my out of range lipid panels, but I also wonder if this has been reducing my antibodies and thyroid labs. I understand that it is horrible for my health and may be the very reason for some of the problems I have, but I also worry that completely stopping is going raise my tsh and antibodies and I can never go back to the way I used to feel. I feel like if I change one thing I'm going to go back into that dark hole that is hypothyroidism. Your insight is greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long, thanks so much for your time.


This is a complex question with many issues.  First TSH should not enter into the picture when managing hypothyroidism.  fT3 and fT4 and even rT3 are the most important and looking and following the TPO antibodies is crucial too.  Smoking while bad for your health in general terms does not have a direct bearing on your lipids.  Would suggest you get advanced lipids besides the basics (Lp(a); sd-LDL-c, ApoB and A-1, and others.)  Thyroid has a big impact on lipid and glycemic control but there are other genetic factors.  Read "Stop the Thyroid Madness, II" and consider getting professional help from those that know the thyroid the best. is a resource.  

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