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About 6 weeks ago went to the hospital with the sweaty palms, shaky hands, nervousness and bp was 190/123. They kept me over nite 28th a heart monitor on took ex rays of my heart and did blood work! All checked out fine. Was then out on lisinopril 10 mg a day for the bp! Still having the nervous feeling with all other symptoms! I used to take valerian without any problems for restful sleep but I also know it helps 28th anxiety but need to know if it effects the lisinopril! Any known drug interactions?
Thank u!

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your questions.

Lisinopril belongs to a very commonly used class of blood pressure medicine called ACE inhibitors. It is purely for your blood pressure, and won't affect anxiety or tremor etc.  

Valerian is a herbal medicine. There is limited data about its interactions. Just glancing over this summary chart from University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, no known interaction is listed between Valerian and lisinopril:

My feeling is Valerian probably does not affect lisinopril in a significant way. However more data is required to confirm this. Hope these answer your questions.

Just throwing in some ideas: in people who have pretty high blood pressure, sweatiness, tremor and nervousness, overactive adrenal gland may seldomly be the cause. It is uncommon, but might be worthwhile asking your regular doctor about it. Chances are your adrenal glands are fine, but doesn't hurt asking. Without having seen or examined you in person, if anything I say contradicts or disagrees with your doctor, then definitely go with the doctor who saw you physically properly.

Good luck! Let me know how you go in due course if you remember and don't mind.

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