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jerry1976 wrote at 2013-09-26 15:08:45
Why do you doctors call post thrombotic syndrome an annoyance? Do you really think that living in chronic pain is an annoyance. Since my DVT occurred I haven't been able to kneel down, bend down, or even climb the stairs normally and it's been 2 years now. I am in constant pain even when I am on my pain meds. Without pain meds just performing normal daily tasks would be agonizing. If I stand up all day, or do any type of work for a day I am in pain and on the couch for at least two to three days afterwards. How is this just a minor annoyance?  

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I am a professor of medicine in Switzerland who is specialized in treatment of liver diseases, in particular hepatitis B, hepatitis C, portal hypertension and cholestatic liver diseases. I work also as a transplant physician at our hospital. Most of our patients are being treated within the realm of often international clinical trials. Besides that, I have an active research program where we try to devise the treatments of the next century.


I started my training in Switzerland and got additional training in the U.S.A. In the States I worked as a guest scientist at NIH in Bethesda MD, as an intern and resident in Georgetown University / VAMC Washington D.C. and as a GI fellow at UCHSC in Denver Colorado. In Denver, I joined the faculty as a gastroenterologist / hepatologist / clinical pharmacologist, first as assistant, then as associate professor. In 1985 I returned to my native country as a professor of Medicine and Clinical Pharmacologist.

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