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Huriyyah wrote at 2009-01-30 06:25:09
I am a 54 yr old woman who is mentally ill and disabled and I was just thrown in jail by this same judge.  The father of my child brought in documents off of the internet from myspace where it said my salary was $50,000 to $75,000 as proof that I was making money.  

Like, who does'nt boost up their profile on myspace.

My child's father and I are muslims and in our religion the man is the provider of the child.

But they are asking me an unemployed disabled, mentally ill woman to pay $330 per month.  Based on a temporary job that I had at the IRS (seasonal).  The clerk took the yearly salary of $26,000 and based the order on that.  Not to mention that I was not working at the time the order was initiated.

Socrates Jericho Flame wrote at 2010-05-03 00:20:58
Of all the judges in the Philadelphia family court, judge Joel S. Johnson is easily the worst.  I know as I have been before many judges in my recent career as a victim of the Pennsylvania child support system.  You will go to court expecting a dispassionate jurist to hear your case and render a fair decision.  What you will get is a emotional drama queen who should never have been given any kind of legal authority.

If you have the choice of taking a bench warrant or going before judge Joel S. Johnson, take the warrant.  Why?  Because “Lock ‘Em Joe” will lock you up even, if it’s perfectly clear that you don’t deserve to go to jail.  If you can’t get someone to deliver bail money to the family court jail by the end of the day, you will go into the Philadelphia prison system and spend time with the drug dealers, killers, rapists and all the other refuse of society.  I came out of prison with a nasty infection which I am still battling today, thanks to Lock ‘Em Up Joe.  

Is there any oversight in the court? wrote at 2011-01-15 15:03:09
I have had sevearl dealings with the so called Honorable Joel S. Johnson and let me add that there is nothing honorable about the way he handled my case.  He behaved like a child, failed to follow some the most basic rules of civil procedure, etc. Only my fear of retaliation kept me from filing complaints with the bar and others.  I also suspect that his clerk collected information in the hallway outside the chamber and shared it with the judge.  I sincerely hope someone investigates his behavior and has him removed from the bench.  

kvd wrote at 2011-03-16 00:43:04
all i can say,pay your child support. i was taken to child support court and ordered to pay 5 years of arrears, even though the kids and thier mom lived with me during that time(the courts did not know that and i did not tell becausethe mother would have gotten in trouble). i got a fair deal forchild support and arrears payment. i make my payments on time and in full every time. i am not rich,i live paycheck to paycheck like most of you, but i pay my support. i have even contacted the court several times to increase my support when i make more money. pay your support. my arrears are paid and child support actually owes me money. they are my  kids and my responsibility, i pay mine, pay yours.

Jon wrote at 2012-02-21 23:43:58
Mr. Broach:

I live in Lancaster County, PA and have had similar issues with Domestic Relations and county judges.  I would like to speak with you regarding this issue.  I'm in the process of gathering information (facts, no opinions) and going public with it in an attempt to make corrective actions at Domestic Relations.  Please feel free to email at

PhilCane wrote at 2012-08-05 17:35:50
We must complain to the press. A little sunlight is the best disinfectant for Judge Johnson's would-be reign of terror at the taxpayer's expense. Please get in touch with me.

Johnny 5. wrote at 2013-02-18 06:00:33
hey yes my name is john g and i would like to follow up with this I've been doing some research on J.S.Johnson and it looks like there is more to add to this. i would like to see know how and like many of us can bring some light to this wrong doing in this court of Domestic relations. Action is needed by doing it the smart way.

devoted dad wrote at 2013-06-07 15:52:51
i was a victim of judge joel s. johnson. i was in court for a contempt hearing agianst my ex wife for withholding our kids health insurance for 11 months. he would not let me answer any questions just yeld at me eventhough i was not on trial and spoke real nice to the exwife who was on trial. she got off scott free and my kids suffered. he also told her to email me and keep the incase i get smart with her. no due process in family court its a joke. if your male your wrong in his court. i suspect daddy issues with judge johnson

Natalie wrote at 2013-09-19 14:19:21

I am not an attorney, nor lawyer, either. Like Jeff above stated, your best bet (if this issue has not already been resolved), is to hire an attorney. Yes, that's more money that will have to come out of your pockets, but it probably will be WELL worth it in the long run, and give you the piece of mind that you & your family so very badly want & need. I only came across your posting, because I have to go in front of this judge on 11/05/2013 as the Plaintiff in a Violation of a PFA Order/Agreement. This is the THIRD time my ex has violated this particular order. I found it necessary to hire an attorney, as we also have a child together. It sounds like what was done to you was very unfair. Glad to hear that your case was finally moved to Delaware County. You'd think the judges there would be even more strict than Philadelphia, but it just goes to show how ONE PARTICULAR judge can screw up everything for you, especially since you were doing the best that you could @ the time, given your circumstances, & @ least you were making payments, & pretty large ones @ that. Just wanted to inform you (if you ever get to read this...don't know how long ago you posted# that Judge Joel S. Johnson is up for re-election on 11/05/2013 #the same date of my hearing ironically). Hopefully he'll get the "boot", & they'll swear a much more educated, fair & unbiased judge into office! Good luck with everything! Hopefully you'll never have to deal with him ever again! Sounds like he was completely unfair when it came to your hearing/case!

Concern Daddy wrote at 2014-03-06 23:08:02
I can agree with so many others that went to Judge Johnson courtroom today, where he begin acting like a spoiled child and telling me that I shouldn"t come in his courtroom with my shirt hanging out my pants, although I was there for an evaluation for Child Support that I had been paying twice as much to catch up because my kids mother had stopped me from claiming my twin sons within my tax returns, although I was paying child support.

I was locked up for 30 days because my unemployment denied payments for 4 months where I served from Nov. - Dec. of 2012, I was again charge with Contempt in Jan.2013 & went in front of Judge S. Johnson in March of 2013 for failure to appear and was given another 60 days in jail, even though I had never received the notice to appear, where it was lost by the post office and I had a job lined up on March the 25, 2013 & was locked up on March 23, 2013 that judge joel johnson didn"t except that I was telling the truth but had a wage attachment on the job before I got it.

He had cost me that job and they had cost me 2 other jobs before that, Judge Johnson is completely a irrational Judge & I don"t how he was able to get re- elected, he needs to be impeached out of office.

bill wrote at 2014-10-21 18:44:04
i know this is an old post but being a former warrant unit family court employee i can say that bench warrants ARE NOT ISSUED for non-payment or anything like that! Bench warrants are issued for FAILURE TO APPEAR for a hearing which is what a BENCH WARRANT is. When a warrant is issued by family court for child support, you either see a judge or a trial commissioner. EVERY AND ALL JUDGE ONLY bench warrants ALL SAY "HOLD BRING BEFORE A JUDGE ONLY!" There are judges every day that are the ones who handle bench warrants. Many times the judge who issued the warrant wants you back in front of them when you surrender or are arrested on the warrant. NO ONE is held in a cell room on a warrant even when they are arrested off the street. They are put in a waiting room with a TV and sit there until the case is finsihed being prepared by a clerical worker. Unless the bench warrant order says HOLD DEFENDANT IN CELL ROOM UNTIL READY, no one is allowed to hold you. All the orders say HOLD BRING BEFORE A JUDGE ONLY. That does not mean hold in a cell room or anything like that at all. Like i said even the guys brought in in hand cuffs off the street are not put in a cell room and "held!" I am not sure you are telling the entire story especially with arrears in excess of $50,000. i just wanted to clarify that warrants are NEVER and CAN NOT be issued for non-payment or anything like that. They are only issued for FAILURE TO APPEAR to a hearing.  

Againstallodds wrote at 2015-08-21 22:30:29
Anyone who is willing to go before the media against the injust judge lock em up joe (Joel s. Johnson) and delusional judge cutthroat ( Doris A. pechkurow), contact me asap. Skeptical breed at gmaildotcom

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