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Hello Mr. Bachert - I attended a modification proceeding yesterday in NC which I know is not where you practice but I am hoping you can provide some insight anyway.  My son's father had an attorney.  I did not.  I have narcolepsy and the proceeding took 5 hours where I was repeatedly called up to answer a few questions and then sent back to my seat. By the time 5 hours went by I was so exhausted from trying to stay awake the whole time that I just gave in and agreed to whatever they put in front of me.  I never even got a copy of the order.  I think I agreed to a $40 increase which is ridiculous because he makes significantly more then me and the issues I raised about him never paying unreimbursed medical for the past 10 yrs got brushed aside by his attorney and never addressed.  I feel like I was railroaded, for lack of a better term.  They were aware that I have narcolepsy because I'm on disability and it was an issue brought up repeatedly.  I mentioned to everyone that I was having trouble.  His attorney was very aggressive and made me provide every notice I had about being on disability and yet he never even submitted any paystubs or tax returns to prove his income that I know of.  I had to travel 5 hours just to go to court because it has to be where the non-custodial parent lives. I guess my question for you is what are my options at this point?  The $40 modification is a joke.  He is supposed to cover my son's medical care through his job but chose a catastophic plan with a $25,000 deductible and I'm told that he "technically is covering the child".  I feel completely abused by the whole experience and need some advice on what to do now.  Thank you for your time and your help.

The laws in the two states are very different regarding child support calculations and modifications of the same. You need to consult with NC attorney and you should do so soon as your time to request a new hearing or reconsideration of any order is very short.

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