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I have a question about child support. I have a 6 year old son and his father and I co-parent pretty well together. We were never married but were together for 4 years and engaged. We have not been to court and have been able to work out schedules and child support between the two of us.

I lost my job about 2.5 months ago and am now working a part-time position while looking for FT work. He makes a considerable amount more than I do- when at my last job, I made about $2200/ month and my son's father makes $8000-10,0000/ month. I am wondering if I should discuss reworking the child support arrangement until I am able to secure another FT position? I do not want to take advantage of my son's father in anyway- I am worried, though, because my savings is quickly running out and my part-time position brings in enough to cover our rent and my car payment. Of course, I feed and clothe my son first but that means I'm at risk of losing my home and car.

I'm just wondering if I should approach my son's father about a temporary increase- do I have a right to even ask? I don't want to do anything that may seem disrespectful- our ability to co-parent is very important to me (us)- but I'm also concerned about survival for myself and my son. (oh, we share custody 50/50).

Thank you for your insight!

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY: I am someone with experience with Family law matters, and can give some directions of what I would do but these are my opinions: I strongly recommend that you get an ATTORNEY who specializes in family law in your immediate county/country.

YES sit down with Dad and rework the child support arrangement Mary: See if DAD can also maybe be available for care of child when you go on Interviews etc while you are looking for a new job.
I am sure if Dad has been working with you to co-parent said child he would understand your need to have increase, and trust that when you do get a new job your increase would no longer be needed.

Sit down and have a talk with Dad, Ok: By the way GOOD job on the co-parenting aspects and working things out with DAD because you both have put said child as the number one priority in life which is what life is all about.  The child's best interest.

Hope this helps,

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