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We are WA state residents and live in pierce county and we want divorce.
We both agree to share half value of the joint house(which is about $100k)
But currently we are not getting good if we sell it now we will get way less than its worth but at the same time we want divorce as soon as possible what should we do about this jointly owned house (we don't have any other joint property)?

Also,currently am not employed so, can I ask my wife for spousal support and is that spousal support is monthly amount or its lump sum one time amount? How much money I can get for spousal support per month as my spouse does not have savings to give me lump sum amount?
She brings home about $3200 a month.

We don't have children.
We got married in nov. 2008


Well you are stuck between a rock and a hard spot: You two options move out of the house (both) and fix it up to rent at a price that would cover your mortgage, pay insurance,
and put some in a joint owned bank account for the sole purpose of maintenance of the home.
Rent the house out until the Housing Market get's better: Now to ensure there is no argument over 'who' manages the rental hire a property management company to do that: Ensuring they provide you BOTH paperwork of who is renting it, how much, etc.: BOTH of you act as landlords and ensure the house is kept in good order until you can sell it.

The other option you have is that One of you BUY OUT the other equity value in the home as a condition of the divorce agreement.  That way when the house sells there will be a lien or stipulation that states the equity will be paid out of the Sales of the house: IF the sale of the house does not cover the equity then the party who agreed to the buy out must finance the amount necessary to meet the equity amount owed: I would recommend that you hire someone who can properly evaluate the value of the house then agree to a fair equity value for the other party.

As far as 'spousal support' not likely in the State of WA unless you are making 'millions' because even though you are unemployed you are going to find work soon or with in the time before your unemployment benefits run out.  Now I could be wrong and you can try to get it but don't set your hopes of getting any, ok.

Hope this helps

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