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I don't know if you have any advice or not as I am in Georgia. I am filing for divorce from my husband, we have one child together. In Georgia there are packets to be filled out, one of the papers is a Domestic Relations Financial Affadivit. This set of forms really confuses me because I'm not sure how to fill them out. During the course of our marriage I was not allowed to work and I've not owned a vehicle. I wanted to it just didn't happen. So when I left with my daughter we are currently staying with my parents. Which means at the moment I have NO income and I have no car, these are things which I plan to do but at the moment I don't have these things. But I am staying with my parents. I'm really not sure how I should go about filling these things in?


I am NOT a lawyer, but someone who has had experience in divorces and issues dealing with children in divorces: MY opinion is being expressed only and it is HIGHLY advisable to seek out an Attorney who is familiar with family law in your area prior to going to court or filing out any papers for court.

Reviewing the 'Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit ( Fill them out with your current information which based on your statement would be zero or NO income, no car, no investments, nothing. IF you bought your home together then under the amounts shown one is the estimated value of your home, and the other is what is the amount of loan debt still owed on the house: Now since this is in most states BOTH husband and wife responsible debt you would show it under this part.
Fill in the part where the children information# Name and birthdate) and if child resides with you state that in the document 'resides with Mom'.

As far as income and expenses  o.o income but I am sure you have expenses so make sure you breakdown those expenses- food-clothing- if you pay for utilities or rent or food, etc. Break down the costs between what is your expenses and what is the children expenses such as food, clothing, etc.

I would recommend that you hire an Attorney and work with that Attorney to work with you in filling out these documents prior to submitting them to the court.

Hope this helps

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