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I lost my job back in 2011. I received food stamps for 10 months and then went off of assistance (at the end of 2011). At that time. I had to switch over my child support to the Florida Department of Revenue which was a HUGE mistake.

That being said, I found out that they would represent me in a child support modification so I thought they would help. When I had them start a modification, they did not even research and took "his word" for the income he stated he was making. He stated $35,000 (when he is making at least 5 times that amount).
-He just took a $20,000 trip to Thailand.
- He pays cash for his cars.
- He pays $30,000 for a business coach.

Anyways, once the DOR made their assessment, they wanted to lower by child support even more by $250. I could not believe this. They did not even research his income. I decided that I would represent myself and withdrew the Florida Department of Revenue from my case and would start one on my own (in regular court). I spent $200 and submitted all of the necessary documentation along with the mandatory disclosure paperwork in the hope that I could get his financials and show his true income.

Today, I received a notice from the general magistrate and he dismissed my case and is forcing my case to go back to the Florida Department of Revenue. Can he do this? I am just beside myself. I do not have a lot of money and now just wasted $200 on a "dismissed" case. I closed my case with the FDR as I have not received any type of assistance from them since 2011 (and it was $174 per month of food stamps- that is it). I do not know where to go from here. I DO NOT want the FDR to represent me and do not have a lot of money for an attorney. Any legal advice is GREATLY appreciated.

One extra piece of info.- my ex-husband now resides 3 weeks out of every month in San Diego and my time share has gone up with my son significantly.

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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a LAWYER: I am someone who has experience in Family law matters, and can give you only my opinion or best advise of what to do: I will always recommend that you seek out a Professional Attorney in your area who specializes in Family law.

I would recommend that you hire an Attorney: Most attorneys offer a free 1/2 consultation time during which time you present your case, and work out a deal with the lawyer to have them paid ESPECIALLY in your case since you have Florida Department of Revenue that has handled your case.
I am assuming that this: is where you went too.

Document everything, keep notes, then see an Attorney.

That is my recommendation.
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