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I am at my wits end. I am going through divorce and my trial is next week. My ex's attorney is a monster and I do not have an attorney at all since I can't afford one. The judge seems to be bias to those who actually have an attorney. He has refused my motions, one to get an attorney with my ex paying and second, to have a continuance so that I can save up for one. The judge has denied both. The judge has also denied every motion or issue that I have ever had. I feel so alone. I am a single mom raising two kids. They are with me full time since their father wants nothing to do with them. He does not call or visit them. He is now supporting another woman and her child, saying that he has 1500 to live on every month. This is untrue since he takes vacations quite a bit, he hires an attorney from So. Ca and pays for flights up here constantly to No. Ca. The attorney's rate is 350 an hour. He has 5000 in the bank and I know for a fact it is more. He makes 170,000 a year but has transferred funds here and there. The judge does not care about my side since I am being quieted constantly and his attorney gets 20 minutes to talk. At most, Ever, I have only talked 3 minutes at a time. What recourse do I have? I have filed a 170.1 toward the judge, not only for this but for an incredible amount of issues. My trial is on June 17th. What do I do?  I can't sleep and I am in a state of paralysis. I feel so awful for all the mothers out there that have to go through this. There seems to be no justice. I have called every lawyer in the book and not one will take it unless I have money to put up. I feel like I have no control over this entire thing and I desperately need help.
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DISCLAIMER: I am not an Attorney: I am someone who has had experience in Family Law issues over several years. PLEASE consult a Family Law Attorney in YOUR immediate area/county before you go to court.

My apologizes for not responding sooner, I am preparing for my youngest son's wedding this weekend so things have been a bit hectic around my home.

First HIRE an Attorney who will work with you on settlement of the costs: Almost all Attorneys offer 1/2 free time to consult on the case, and resolve the settlement/payment terms. BUT HAVE an Attorney PRESENT before you go to TRIAL. DO NOT GO TO TRIAL WITHOUT ONE.

Go ON LINE now and start seeing ATTORNEYS.!   Work with Attorney and also make sure all child support payments go via State Agency who collects them: Keeps you out of loop, guarantee's payment, and no hassle!

Good luck!

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