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I have an issue with my attorney and am in the need of some advice in how to handle it. My current attorney has been handling my divorce for the past 3 years and recently the following has occurred:

1. does not reply and my messages to the office never seem to be received (email & fax)

2. gave out my current address to my ex's attorney when it was known (have documented proof) that it was strictly confidential and my parents address should have been used instead

3. 3-4 stipulation agreements between attorneys were sent back & forth without my knowledge, consent, approval or even seeing such documents

4. and now has sent me form for consent to change attorney's

Has my attorney broken any laws/rules in there representation of me and what recourse do I have at this point.

I do not have money to hire a new attorney.

Thank you for your help.

I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY but someone who has experience with Family court issues: I recommend hiring an Attorney who specializes in Family law before answering or going to court on any family court issues.

It appears your attorney is trying to dump you so I would look at hiring another attorney and addressing these issues with them: I do not know if any rules have been broken however I do not see how the stipulations can be valid without your signed agreement unless there was another agreement in place between you and your attorney.

To my knowledge, check with new attorneys, the only way you can recover expenses would be through small claims court: Check with new attorneys if other rules have been broken you can write to have the attorney 'barred' from practicing.

Good luck,

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