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Hello Jeff,

My sister is 45, with 3 children--2 minors, 14 and 16 and an adult, 20--and getting a divorce.
Her marriage has been truly terrible for about 20 years.  She's been diagnosed as schizophrenic and struggles daily to manager things with the help of medication and therapy.

Her husband has served her with divorce papers.  He has an attorney.  She doesn't.
She asked me for help in finding one, but I don't know where to begin.
She's flat broke, and doesn't have a job.

And because of the shift in the economy, I'm unable to help her with money right now.
Business isn't good.

How in the world can she get any legal help/advice to proceed with the divorce?

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for donating your time to help others.  It's a virtue.

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY: I am someone with experience with Family law matters, and can give some directions of what I would do but these are my opinions: I strongly recommend that you get an ATTORNEY who specializes in family law in your immediate county/country.

Here are some sights:

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