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Hello Jeff,
I really need some help, I am a 36 year old female, I had a child when I was 14 to a guy that was 20..he was very abusive and cruel to me, when the baby was born I decided to get away fron him, I couldn't handle his abuse anymore, he came to visit the baby one day and literally ripped her out of my arms jumped in his car and took off with her, his family tormented me and had me living in fear of them they even kicked my door in and destroyed my home on several occassions, when the day for court came they had Me so terrified and elotiknally beat down that I had just given up, i was to afraid to go...I was a kid so I didnt go and of course he was then awarded custody, he and his terrify family especially his sister and mother made it impossible for me to even visit her, my family could have pressed statutory rape charges on him but they didn't they could have ruined his life but they didn't but still he seeks to ruin mine, the day I turned 18 he filed for child support on me, well I don't have any money at all, I didn't then and I do not now, I suffer from a bipolar mental condition that has gotten worse over the 6wars I can't go out in public without having severe panic attacks and I can't live alone, and I obviously can not work. He brain washed my daughter into hating me and tells her i just left her, I didn't it wasn't my choice, they didn't want me to see her they made her hate me but they still want my money witch I have zero, i have been arrested more then once for this, the child support issue began in Va, i relocated to Ar, a officer showed up at my previous address on Friday saying i owed 40,000 dollars in back child support, he said he was only there to see if I lived there because they were trying to transfer my case over to Arkansas, my daughter is now 22 I have no money and this is destroying any peace that I have made from him and his terror. I am in the process of filing for disability, is there any loop hole that I can possibly save myself from this, I's thwre anything I can do to make him back off, is there any Avenue I can take to make him leave me alone that you can please tell me from the information I have given you. I am terrified to call and talk to the man because everytime they arrest me they make my bond what I owe in child support, I mean I was a child myself when I had her, please help me pkease, i am a nervous wreck

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY: I am someone with experience with Family law matters, and can give some directions of what I would do but these are my opinions: I strongly recommend that you get an ATTORNEY who specializes in family law in your immediate county/country.

I am saddened to read about your account of what has happened with your child. Most of all I am sad for the child whom now is an adult. However, the law is in place and child support must be paid. You can take steps to 'back off' any contact with 'him' and his family but the issue of child support must be resolved, sorry.

My only recommendation is that you seek out a Family law attorney in your county or the county in which your case will be heard. Work with the attorney for payment arrangements, and have the attorney go over your case with you to find the best solution. Most Attorneys will offer a free 1/2 free consultation time to go over your case briefly.

Good luck,

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