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My husband and I have our own divorce lawyers (in MA) and we are settling out of court. We have agreed on everything except for alimony. He states he can only pay me $250/week in alimony for 4 years and my lawyer and I are asking on the lower end of the alimony calculator ($381/week). My spouse refuses to negotiate.  I have used up the balance of the retainer with my lawyer who is suggesting I now move to litigation to get more alimony.  This would be costly and too long. I am considering avoiding litigation and accepting my spouses proposal of $250/wk. Since he is keeping the house, I am moving out. My take home salary is $200/wk along with alimony $1000/month how much do I need to allocate to rent?  How can I negotiate without litigating?
Thank you.

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY: I am someone with experience with Family law matters, and can give some directions of what I would do but these are my opinions: I strongly recommend that you get an ATTORNEY who specializes in family law in your immediate county/country.

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You can do a discovery motion to determine the exact income then use this for your new values to determine alimony: In most states, there are programs in place to automatically determine this amount.

As far as your 'needs' take a look at the market in your local area, close to work if applicable, then add it all up: Monthly Rent, utilities, food,gas, etc like a budget then you would be able to determine how much you would need to 'allocate' to rent.

As far as 'negotiate' there is no set rules in place hence why it is called negotiation. What ever you feel comfortable with to live on until you get back up on your feet: Remember Alimony is short term, not a long term deal.

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