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I am a teenager and ever since I was little me and my fathers relationship has been horrible. He treated my family disgustingly and I have always disliked him for that and I always will. He went to jail for gun crime about 7 years ago but then skipped bail and got a bench arrest. The police come to my house a lot asking wether I have seen him and if I know where he is and I always say no even though I know where he is. He got married two years ago and has a newborn baby and I feel I have to get him back for what he did to my family so would it be wrong if I told the police where he is knowing he could go to jail for a long time and leave his new family behind ?

Hi Nya,

I am sorry to hear that you have difficult decision and have burden falls on your shoulders to decide if you should tell or not tell police where your father is.  

In United States of America (USA), we must tell the truth to police about whereabouts or have any knowledge because we have Law that says "Obstruction of Justice with Official Government or Law Enforcement, if they found out that I lied or have knowledge of the crime or a person that they are seeking information from me, I could be arrested and charged for obstruction of law.

I can't say about you because you live in UK England, I am not familiar with your country laws, if It was me, I would tell the truth, your father needs to take on his responsibility for his own actions, it has nothing do with you.  It doesn't matter if he have new family, he can't run away from the law and must accept his own consequences.

I hope you will make a good decision and you have a nice day.

Doc Jerry

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