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I hav been married for 5 yrs and issueless.
my sister in law  who got married 1 yr back has conceived. I am from metropolitan city and she is from a village.
I dont know, but last time she visited me, whenever I offered her something to eat, she became nervous and doubtful which was clearly visible from her body language.
I have never seen such attitude against me which really made me sad.
and when she went away from my place she fell ill with fever, and told abt the doubt she had to my brother in law. My other brother in law's wife also fell pregnant.

And now the scenario is that, whenever the both BIL come to my house, they look at the food with doubt and then consume.
This behaviour of these ppl has made me sad, as if I lack what they have. But I trust God, and think no bad to anyone.
Next Week is the delivery of my 1 SIL, I dont know what to do, as they might have some superstitions regarding clothes in gift or nazar na lag jaye types.
Shud I go the same day I get information? they live 200 km from my place. Or wait for them to settle down with the new member?
This is worst time of my life when ppl instead of emotionally supporting me, are making me feel inferior or some criminal.

But I say God bless them too, Its no big deal, even animals give birth, but humanity is present in humans only.


Hello Ria, I understand your confusion as I am well aware of such behaviors.
Whether you go the same day or after some time, there wouldn't be much difference in their behavior. If they are superstitious, nothing can be done. Except this as their personality and ignore this as paying attention to such acts would depress you. Go there according to your own convenience.
Shashank Shekhar
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