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I do not know if this will be a gripe to you or a question but here it goes.  Let me start off by saying that I love my husband very much. We have a lot in common and usually get along quite well.  
We have 4 young men.  5 year old twins, 2 1/2 year old, and a 9 month old.  I am a stay at home mom and have been for about 3 years.  I do most of the work around the house, I take care of the children and my husband, I also help my husband with chores outside the house. Splitting wood, stacking wood, or whatever need done.  
I am a tired mom.  He knows this, recognizes it, and yet when I ask for help or he see's that I am frustrated and need help, he either mocks me, tell's me I can do it myself, or just leaves because I get an "attitude" with him.
It's not even like I ask all the time.  I ask only when I have had enough and need a break.  This is the most important question I have right now.  I do believe than my marriage is unhealthy because of other issues.  I just wish I could get what I need from my husband when I ask for it.  Any advice?

I really think you need to sit with your husband and have a clear conversation about what you are feeling. Don't make it about what he is or isn't doing. No guy I know of can really resist a wife talking about her feelings and the hurt she has. If a guy resists that conversation then they are usually very self-centered. I have a feeling that when you do try to talk with him it's in the middle of things and not staged in a great way. If he is unwilling then I suggest you seek out a therapist who can help you process this much better than I could in this online forum.

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