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bgborkosky wrote at 2013-12-05 20:30:16
Hi, Teg, I'm sorry you were not satisfied with my answer. However, I do think that a question that is almost 2000 words is a bit unrealistic. If you had shortened it to your comment ("my bigger issue, which is the guy getting mad at us and me not wanting to pull an ultimatum"), it would have been much easier to understand. All the same, I think I guessed at your intent, and answered your question pretty well. You wanted some alternatives to giving the guy an ultimatum, and that's exactly what my answer provided.

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questions framed similarly to 'what are some ways to respond when someone does/says X' are best. Questions posed in the form of 'why does my father do/say Y', or 'how would you diagnose my mother when she does/says Z' are difficult, if not impossible, to answer. I will probably reframe your question to fit the first question (what do I do). Nay question regarding any family member is fair game. Some of the most difficult are in the area of step-parenting and divorcing families.


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