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I am working single girl age 30. My relationship with my mom since childhood is not good. We are all 6 six sisters among us my mom loves my 3rd sister coz she is smart in communication and others are on average. Specially me she thinks that i am so bad in conversation with anyone. She always insults me, discourage, blame me for anything without any reason.
When my father died we six sisters were single, after my father's death my three elderís sisters at the age 18 got married. After their marriage my mom had affair with my father's friend for long years. After few years he left my mom. Then she started affair with another one. Like this she made her big freindcircle. While this period she mingle with some bad minded people who spoiled her financially. She financed  her friends on her own guarantee and after taking loan her friends ran away. So the lenders caught my mom and forced her to repay their loan. For that purpose my mom sold out each every household item and even she sold out my a most beautiful house too.
Several times i told her donít mingle with those dirty mind people but she did not listen me. About it I discussed with all sisters, all relatives but no one helped me. Her dirty mind friends harassed us a lot with the help of police, and with their gang. It was worst period of my life. I fed up with all this. That time I was just 24.
I took my mom, my little younger sisters, (one was 17years old and another one is handicapped 19years) new place which is far from my old place to start new life. Three years I lived on rental basis and recently i bought home. for this no one helped me including my mom too even though she is govt employee and she has big salary.
Right now my problem is that I bought flat at Karjat line and My family wants flat in Navi Mumbai. So now they are forcing me to sold out that karjat flat and buy new one in navi Mumbai which is out of my budget. So for job purpose we are all living in navi Mumbai on rental basis. I discussed with them about my problem, but they every day harrash me that I wasted money and I m good for nothing. So now What I will do? Am I really good for nothing??

I must say that you have done a good job by buying a flat. Selling that flat right now will not be a good decision as you have mentioned that buying one at the Navi Mumbai is out of your budget. Once, if you will sell the flat at Karjat line and be unable to buy one at Navi Mumbai, the money from selling the flat would not even match the one at Karjat after some time, if you would like to buy back a flat in that reason and thus you would be left with no own flat for yourself. At present, at least you have your own flat. Many a such person have found themselves as fool after selling their flats. Keep the flat in your possession that you have bought. That is a real property. You have not wasted your money. I am an Indian and thus I can so as I know how the value of property is escalating here. Property prices are rising day by day. You can sell it when you have enough money to add it to buy a flat at Navi Mumbai. Never doubt your decisions as no one can take better decisions on behalf of you. Only you know your situation better and every else even be it your sisters can not understand your situation as better as you yourself.

Hope, it will help you. Feel free asking for advice.
Shashank Shekhar

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