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I am a child stuck in between two sisters. My older sister and I get along very well and never really have any problems. Both my parents work and over the summer when they are not home my little sister who is 11 turning 12 soon has been a terrible pain. She is a typical teenage girl. she gives everyone attitude and when they dish something out to her she has no clue why they do it and blows up on them. I love her to death but I try so hard to help her out and every time I talk to her she explodes on me. She can never have a conversation without getting extremely upset of annoyed and she often secludes herself in her room on her ipad or ipod or phone rarely being active. This is different for me since our family is very active. Whenever she has conversations with my dad she listens and only does the same thing over and over again. And once they are finished with the conversation she is just as annoyed. The difference between when she and my dad talk and when she and I talk is that she interrupts me, she does not show respect, she continuously breaks the rules, she asks me to stop babying her but she never gets in bed  on time she never does what she is told. She says she can make her decisions on her own and if those are bad then let it go. But I'm worried. I seriously see her going down a wrong path and as her brother (I am 15 years old) I don't want her to turn out wrong. Mind you I am not perfect I can come on too controlling and tend to nudge her often trying to keep her in line. If there is anything that I could do differently or some strategies to use when talking I would really appreciate it.

As annoying as this is to you, this is something that your parents need to handle. She doesn't need you as a parent unless your parents are expecting that from you. If they are then that is wrong. I would suggest you start keeping track of these incidents over a period of two weeks and then write a letter to your parents letting them know of your concern. In that letter you can then show the documentation you have to support your letter. If you don't have documentation then they will be more likely to say you are just having sibling rivalry. Hopefully your parents are reasonable and will see that they need to step it up a bit.

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