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Family Relations/my sister never appreciates me.


I am currently doing my MSC studies. All my life the money having been getting six to take care of my mum and siblings.Pay for their school fees, feed them, built a house for my mum but one time my young sister told me its not my responsibility. she complains all the time that our parents like me a lot than her. Am soon getting married with my boyfriend, but my sister told him that I don't have that blessing of getting money. I will never be rich coz whatever money I get it slips away. I can't save. I gave birth to a kid when I was in my vacation, never told her.....she got to know from my step mum, but she told my boyfriend that I told her I was to get pregnant in my vacation. I don't know why she said all this to my boyfriend?..... why she never appreciates me?

Hi Nancy,
There are always such people found here and there. Such people find pleasure in doing so. Putting in simple words this is nothing but sheer wickedness. Just maintain some distance from her/such people. It is better that she does not ever come to know anything about of your private things.-- This would be the referendum of any common man from the general public after knowing such behavior of hers.

However, thinking over her behavior with cool and calm mind or say as a psychological expert, one will find that she is full of jealous of you as she feels that your parents like you more compared to her. Her jealousy is reached to such a point that it took a form of wickedness where she is not able to think what she is doing is right or wrong. She needs proper counseling. Please arrange a one for her.

In jealousy a person wants to show the other person, towards whom he/she has jealousy, in bad picture. That's why she told things to your boyfriend such things. For the same reason i.e. jealousy she never appreciates you. Before arranging a psychological counseling for her, talk to her straight forwardly but in a compassionate tone and ask her why she does so to you. Remember, arranging a counseling session only with her consent would be fruitful.

In the last I would like to say that sometimes common man's wisdom should also be considered and thus, you should ensure that your secrets should remain secret to her.

Hope, it will help you. God bless!

Shashank Shekhar

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