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I'm having a difficult time dealing with my wife's help of her son, who is my step-son. I'm not sure if it's over protection or a certain degree of jealousy on my part?  At 20 years of age now, he still does not have his license and she finds any excuse to drive him to the university every Sunday. He comes home on the weekends to do his laundry at which she ends up doing it. At times when I have criticized her about it she gets defensive. He is a full time student and does well in school hoping to graduate within two years. Never having children my self, how should I think about this?


I think this coming home to do laundry tends to be normal to some degree. Your wife may have some degree of guilt over bio-dad not being around so she is making sure she stays connected with her son and supports him.  I think what you're really saying is that you and your wife are not connecting on a deeper level. I think that needs to change. I would suggest you start doting on your wife and planning regular outings with her and only her. If you both stay disconnected from one another then I think there is a divorce in your future.

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