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Dear Dr. Simonsen: I will appreciate any help you can give me in responding to a situation that seems downright weird and possibly dangerous.

My grandson (daughter and son-in-law's son) is almost 4 years old. For nearly a year, he has been talking about his "Other family" and asking to see them. His parents took him to a therapist of some kind (Psychologist I think) concerning some behavior issues that seem connected to his belief - whining, crying, tantrums, nightmares and so on.

I am not sure of the sequence, but the therapist sent them to someone else and they wound up with someone (I am not sure of his credentials) who claims that children who die very young are reincarnated as other children and that the reborn child remembers some of his previous  life. That practitioner sent them to a private investigator who "specializes" in reuniting reborn children with their previous families.

The way I got involved is that they have asked me to help them pay for the PI.The $5000 they need just to get started wouldn't make a dent in my lifestyle, but the whole thing smacks of quackery to me. In the meantime, the original problems (tantrums, etc) are getting worse.

I will be very grateful for any advice.



While I think the supernatural exists, I also know that science exists. There is physically no way to determine if this reincarnation thing is true. Spending that amount to find out something that science could never determine is true seems unwise. You might as well give me the money, I could use it much more wisely :) I'm going to suggest the tantrums and such probably have more to do with poor parenting practices than reincarnation. People are often willing to look to other things as the source of their problems rather than looking at themselves as the problem.  

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