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My family spends a lot of time with my brother's family. Unfortunately, his children don't have very good manners, and my much younger children are learning rude behaviours from them. How do I keep my children from learning bad habits from their cousins without offending my brother, who doesn't seem to recognize that his children's behaviour is atrocious?

Thanks for your advice.

I don't know your brother, so I cannot hazard any guess about what will or will not offend him. Further, if I were faced with the same choice, I would not worry about offending other people. My reasoning would be that the future of my children takes precedence over other people's hurt feelings. People get over being offended. Children sometimes never get over bad habits they learned in childhood.

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questions framed similarly to 'what are some ways to respond when someone does/says X' are best. Questions posed in the form of 'why does my father do/say Y', or 'how would you diagnose my mother when she does/says Z' are difficult, if not impossible, to answer. I will probably reframe your question to fit the first question (what do I do). Nay question regarding any family member is fair game. Some of the most difficult are in the area of step-parenting and divorcing families.


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