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alyssa wrote at 2014-05-24 01:05:15
I am related to the author and more books are on the way to be published so just wait and you will get what you want write now she is working on book three but book two is not published yet. Also the books keep getting better and better by the books. Remember one day in fairy world is a year in human world .

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Santa Lucia


I am a lover of fantasy turned on to the genre by my older sister and have read series by Mercedes Lackey, MZBradley, Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Kate Elliott, Ursula LeGuin, Andre Norton, Robin Hobb, Elizabeth Lynn, Piers Anthony, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Elizabeth Moon, and many others. I love talking about books and getting suggestions on what to take on next!


I have read and written a multitude of stories and when I was fourteen bought over 300 fantasy novels in one year. I have read almost all of them by now and am constantly acquiring more.

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