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Farriers/hoof falling off


Daniel Matheson wrote at 2011-05-08 00:16:26
We have a 2 month old calf with the same hoof problem. But the hoof has fallen off. The vet has no answer.My great great grand father started this farm and no record of anything like this.

Any ideas?


Needas wrote at 2011-09-16 01:53:07
We have just gone thru the same thing, our gelding was diagnosed with Msra.  A terrible bacteria that destroys the horse from the inside out.  The vet came out three days in a row, since he continued to get worse.  We thought he had just sprained his leg, three days later his hoof completely fell off.  It was attacking his lungs, kidney and liver.  Three days is all it took to destroy our best friend.

Devastated wrote at 2015-01-13 11:15:03
I have searched and searched the internet for exactly this same problem with my 24 year old thoroughbred, whom has for years been treated for laminitis. One month ago suddenly his right front leg was very swollen to the fetlock - heat.  Soaked in Epsom salts which after 2 days abcesses began breaking out at coronet band.  This continued and the whole area above the coronet band became involved.  He was on bute, little effect.  Almost 10 days later a tremendous amount of blood came gushing out of the coronet band and this poor little fellow was suffering from separation, his pedal bone had completely rotated and the vet advised he was about to lose his hoof completely.  I was devasted.  He was a true gentleman, not a bad bone in his body.  We were at the point of no return and I made the decision that I wish no one is confronted with to put him to sleep. His vet was very caring and carried out this heartbreaking task for him and me with great dignity.  I was there all of the time, my beloved horse just went off to 'pony heaven' so gracefully, I could not save him and would not allow him to suffer such unmerciful pain. He was 'my best friend', always will be.


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