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Good evening! My horse's hooves are in fairly good health, he doesn't have any physical problems. His frogs appear to be perfectly normal and healthy, however, they do peel off, but only little bits at a time. Today I noticed the frog on his front left hoof was peeled back from the front (the point of the v), and it was pretty deep. I'm unsure as what to do because I'm worried if I don't peel it back, he may develop thrush, but if I do peel it back, it might hurt him or make his frog disfigured or too short to make contact with the ground. Should I clip just the part that's pulled back? Any information you have regarding this would be EXCEPTIONALLY appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time.

-One paranoid horse owner


YES...You can trim what is "loose", with a sharp knife or hoof knife.
Naturally, DON'T take anything that is NOT coming loose !!

Florida like alot of "humidity" areas, will cause a horse's frog to turn loose all or
at least half, when especially going from wet to dry conditions. Most of the time, it
will exfoliate in pieces or slivers with normal wear through the year.

IF you are uncomfortable with doing it, your farrier can easily take care of it for you.
After you have the frog taken care of, a good commercial product is "Koppertox" is has
copper sulfate and will keep it dry for days !! Also toughen up the frog and keep
it in healthy shape.

The Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,C.J.F.  


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