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Farriers/flat foot Vs normal hoof


hello sir, how can i differentiate a flat foot with a normal hoof of a horse?


The easiest way to explain the dynamics of the hoof capsule is to look at it like a clock.
Putting the front hoof between your legs...The toe area naturally as 12:00 and "most heels"
as 5 & 7:00. Dead center of the back of the frog as 6:0'clock.

Again..."most" horses have at 5 & 7 o'clock a slanted bar at each side of the frog. They are
Nature's "gussets" or support mechanism to support the heels and help the frog and rear of the hoof to expand and contract, with load & when the horse takes a step and un-loads.

A flat footed horse or "convex" sole/dropped usually have No bars to speak of or literally
flat from heel to toe.

The frogs are generally wider than normal and heels are compressed or shoved slightly forward
towards the direction of the toe.

Very easy to sole bruise, most horses of this condition are undesirable on hard/rocky terrain.
Many stay tender and sore or "off" in their gait or movement.

Also, you will generally notice a "wider walled" hoof capsule shaped more like an onion/apple
or such.

Best to You !!

Joepaul Meyers,C.J.F.  


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