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Farriers/confirming tender soles


hello sir, can i confirm that a horse has tender sole by lifting the hoof and pressing the sole?

YES...Rohit, IF you can press the soles with your thumbs and there is sensitivity,
definitely you have a problem !!

Also...hoof testers or Can be done with a general plumbing tool "channel locks" a wide
jaw pliers that can safely squeeze sole and wall gently. Apply light pressure and he/she may "flinch". Too much pressure, ANY horse will react or pull when you do it.

Best To You!!
Joepaul Meyers,C.J.F.  


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With over 40yrs. as a Certified Journeyman/Master Farrier, I have taught at the Univ.& Trade School levels. My specialty is Veterinary Farriery, Lameness and Therapeutic shoeing.

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