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Hi Joepaul,
I have an older Arabian that never seems to feel pain in his hooves, he gets bruises,walks all over rocks, he just recently tore the tips of the back of his bulbs off! and a nice chunk out of what I call the back of the  ankle above the heel bulbs, never limped, nothing. If I try to clean it then it is a different story and he flips out, but again no limping or overt pain. The farrier I use has no answer and thinks I am a dumb a-- when I do ask questions, is he just a wonderful sound horse or is something wrong, it is a good thing that I check him twice a day for injuries because if he had one I would never know by watching him.
And I have noticed that his front hooves are very wide and the farrier does not seem to bring them in, he is a small Arabian and over the past two years I have seen his hooves getting wider and wider,is my farrier not filing enough or will his hooves do this. Would so much appreciate your response.

Thank you

HELLO JEAN... Thanks for your question...

You sound "great" to me & really pay attention to your horse's well being !!
The fact is... He is durable !!  I've worked on many full & half arabians through
my career, both endurance & show. They all had a " resiliance" about them !

As far as hoof capsule shape, "probably" alittle more rasping/filing would help.
A farrier Cannot let the flairs weeken the hoof. As the hoof capsule widens,
the bars of the hoof will often compress & the heels weeken or collapse.

Since You watch your horse closely, be sure to mention it if there are any
changes !!

Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers, CJF


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