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Farriers/another question Re coffin bone isssue


Mr. Meyers;

   After i have the stright bar with a rocker toe to ease the breake over and tall side clips to stabalize the hoof capsule; does the horse have to have his movements restricted to some
degree or can he have pasture type turnout or some type of large
enclosure like a round pen and for about how long?

Thank you again for all your advise.

Hey Ron...
Yes & No !!  You know best your horse's attitude. For 30 days, limit he's movement.
IF he feels too good, you DO 't want him running or bouncing around. You'd have
to hand walk him 20/30 mins a day. Next 30/40 days, small area, such as
a round pen or small turnout. IF like company, you can keep something with him. Pony
goat, etc or another horse ONLY if they DON'T play too much & risk re-injuring.
Basically, it's 40/ up to 90 days to heal properly. Don't hurry it.

Best to You !!


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