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hello sir. what happens if a horse has rolled toe? cant they put on a stride freely? do they slip or the toe chips off easily if exercised barefooted?


YOU are asking many different questions...
First... if he has a rolled toe, it's caused by pawing the ground with that or both front hooves. In the hind limbs, it is "dragging the toe" because of a hock problem most likely ??

You asked "cant they put on a stride freely"??  In the hind limbs again, because they CAN'T
flex the joint and the hoof doesn't clear the ground. So the anterior part of the hoof capsule
gets "drug along" so to say, and wears excessively.

No the toe Does not chip off, or do they slip. It increases "breakover" and helps the
hoof capsule get away quicker.

With a shoe applied, and depending on the ground surface, they "can" loose alittle grip when
first taking off from a standing position into their stride/gate. The shoe (a flat one, like
you showed in a picture) CAN slip alittle, a fuller/creased shoe or full rim will not.
Most of the time, it is beneficial as to easing trama and concussion to the joints.

Also Rohit... I work long hours & travel alot. I appreciate your questions, But try and
limit them to a few a week. It can be difficult answering 5/6 a day or many more per week.

Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF  


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