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hello sir. may i know the purpose of a ROCKER HORSESHOE?


I Have answered this question before...

A "Rocker toed shoe" aids and helps with breakover in the front limbs.
With a flat, level hoof as the horse moves forward, he/she has to raise it's knee until
the toe is lifted high enough to breakover & release forward into it's stride.

When You "rock" a toe of the shoe, it is like stepping off a porch quickly. As the the knee
bends forward, the toe is ALREADY bent, so less strain & the horse gets off it's heel quicker
and snaps and moves forward, using less knee( not having to lift it as high)going into it's stride.

We refer to this as "bio-mechanics" of the hoof & limb.

Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF


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