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Farriers/not allowing me to clean her hooves


hello sir. i am finding difficult to catch hold of my filly's leg for cleaning her hooves. she's moving to and fro. When i caught her leg tight, she's acting badly and loosing balance. Not staying at one place. how to solve this problem? Shall i hit her hard on her neck so that she would stay quiet?

Striking her "usually only makes it worst !!
Many things may be happening. You could possibly be holding her leg too high ??
Rub her, run your hand down her leg, maybe "prop her" against a wall or safe fence.
when you ask her for her leg/hoof grab the toe bending back towards you gently & NOT
lifting it very high maybe 10/12" off the ground.  You bend and hold her with your "off hand"
talking to her & clean her hoof. Do Not get under her, just stand by her side while holding.
DON'T hold it very long, maybe do this and then ask her for her hoof again.

Patience is a Virtue !!
Thank You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF


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