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Farriers/wedge shoe - reducing shock absorbing power


hoof and shoe
hoof and shoe  
QUESTION: hello sir. i believe that you advise me to use a wedge shoe on flat fleet horses. am i right? the purpose of wedge is to rise the heel of the horse off the ground. but, the frog would be losing contact with the terrain. doesn't this action reduce shock absorption?


NO...That wasn't Me that advised you to use a wedge shoe.

The frog WILL expand and contract REGARDLESS if it hits the ground surface or not.
As the heels make contact, pressure then is disappated in all directions as the hoof loads weight.  Unless in soft ground the majority of the time the frog either "barely" or not at all loads on the ground surface.
The wedge shoe "tends" to be overused, because of theory that raising the hoof capsule will make things better !!
IT DOES give temporary relief to the navicular bursae & other internal components, BUT then if
left on too long a period; changes the hoof and in many situations, will cause the heels to run forward and crush !!

Genetically...flat feet are what they are. Give alot of support, leave the sole intact for protection & give as much heel support as possible.

Thanks !
Joepaul Meyers,CJF

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QUESTION: thanks for the answer. so sir, you say that even though the horse has flat feet or not, i can use a plain shoe. right?

ANSWER: YES...As long as the shoe is fit "full" ( You CAN see shoe all around the outer edge
NOT flush and I rock or roll the toe slightly for breakover.

Also, leave alittle shoe sticking out behind the heel ever so slightly to give added heel support !!

Joepaul Meyers,CJF

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QUESTION: thanks for the answer. sir, if you dont mind, can you please attach the image of the shoe which you are advising me to use on horses?

Rohit... I cannot send you a picture.
I am here to help & answer questions, not instruct you how to shoe
Your horse.  I have answer'd over 2 dozen questions just for you !!

Use a standard 3/4" wide shoe ( if that is available in India), the toe of the
shoe must be heated with a slight bend, rest of the shoe level. Fit alittle full
For plenty of support !!
A farrier will know how to do it...
Thank You...
Joepaul Meyers, CJF


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