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Farriers/steel shoes and aluminum shoe lasts


QUESTION: hello sir. may i know how many days a steel shoe last for performance horses? what about aluminum shoes?


When you are talking about a racing plate ( which I assume you are) then steel will last 2 to 1
over aluminum.
In this country, I like lite steel plates, it takes better care of the walls and
a few ounces will NOT make a difference to a horse that CAN run !!!

Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF

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QUESTION: thanks for the answer. may i know the advantages of light weight steel racing plates over aluminum?

YES... In my opinion and from knowledge aluminum shoes/plates will cause oxidation that
causes a white crusty substance/mess that weakens & can crack & split the hoof wall.
Many farriers/platers will hot seat the wall to prevent that problem, then apply the aluminum shoe.
Steel plates will flex less the aluminum and have less give to the hoof.

Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF


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