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QUESTION: Have you or anybody else used the hoof cinch to help with laminitis


Sorry I've been out-of-state working...apologize for the delay...

I've worked on laminitic horses (with veterinarians) for 40 of my 44 yrs, I'm alittle
"confused" on Your term "Hoof Cinch" ??

I've used many techniques...Can You get back with me & explain what it is or what
exactly are You talking about ??

Be more than happy to go over it with You !!!

Thanks Again...
Best to You !!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Look on the website hoof a farrier here in Minnesota invented them

WITHOUT BEING "TOO BOLD".....I'm Not impressed !!

Went over his testimonials, especially "radiographs"...
As they say in the South..."Blind Hog will find an Acorn every So Often"...
After now 44yrs in the business and 41 of that dealing with hundreds of Vets, SO many
times thru the years "some" will TRY and "Re-invent the Wheel" !!!

HE'S "binding" the anterior hoof wall WITHOUT ANY stabilizing of the distal phalanx.
I...The last few days made quite a few phone calls & Emails to Vets and farriers, some had barely heard of it & had the SAME impression, that EVEN after his radiographs of supposed success;
the lateral views of the hooves were NOT in any kind of balance OR alignment !!

I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH A DIFFERENT STYLE as Long as there is credibility !!  He has a few cases
and WE ALL can get people to write "nice things" about us.

I personally since 1984, was shown by the Late Burney Chapman & Dr. George Platt, DVM,
have used the Heartbar shoe & many needing Anterior hoofwall reccections to Great success !!
In fact, I've lost 11 head out of 1193 horses. Did alot of the work at also 3 major Veterinary Univ. AGAIN in My Opinion & The Opinion of many Great Minds... the distal phalanx NEEDS to be

Best To You !!!
Joepaul Meyers,CJF


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